Get Involved!

Belonging to your Faculty Association means…

YOU HAVE more rights on the job

YOU HAVE a voice in the workplace

YOU HAVE protection against discrimination

YOU ARE part of FPSE and Canada’s Labour Movement

10 Things YOU can do to get to know CORFA
1. Attend General meetings.
COFRA will hold a minimum of three (3) General Meetings per year, including the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members will receive two (2) weeks’ notice for these meetings.
3. Join one of the many committees as a CORFA rep. (ie. Awards, Health & Safety)
4. Provide your individual feedback.
Voice your opinion! Talk to a CORFA Executive member or submit a message on our website.
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5. Follow us online
Check us out online at and follow us on Facebook @collegeoftherockiesFA
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6. Read the monthly CORFA e-newsletter
CORFA doesn't like to fill your inbox with too much stuff so we try to compile everything into one simple newsletter.
7. Join our Executive team or become a Steward
If you're interested in joining the team please reach out to [email protected].
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8. VOTE!
Your vote matters. Attend General meetings when elections take place.
9. Have the conversation.
If there is something that you feel should go past the water cooler discussion, talk to a CORFA Exec member TODAY.
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10. Read our Collective Agreement and CORFA's Constitution & Policies
It's important to know what CORFA is here to do for you. If you evey have questions about either of these documents, our Stewards would love to help!
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